How can Counselling Help you during Pregnancy

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How can Counselling Help you during Pregnancy

Becoming mother is the greatest turning point and everyone in the family eagerly wait for the new one’s birth. No matter how happy and positive the news is but still pregnancy can carry a little stress and emotional distress with it. These pregnancy issues can be trivial or intense but it can significantly affect the health of the mother as well as the child. Mental strains can be caused by many circumstances such as financial burden, single motherhood, complicated relationships, unplanned pregnancy, etc. The physical challenges are often accompanied by mental problems. These situations and conditions should not be ignored and one should see a therapist or a counsellor.

Counselling will helps pregnant women address as well as understand their emotional conflicts. They also need a dependable and understanding mid-wife. Dr Vaishali Chavan can be your partner as she is one of the best Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Doctor in Pune and has experience in handling all kinds of situations during pregnancy. Best Gynecologist in Pune

Common Mental Problems Faced by Pregnant Women

Changing Body Image

Your body is constantly changing and experiencing different things as your baby grows inside you. It often gets hard for some ladies to deal with the change and they feel depressed about it. Another reason can be insecurity about the health of self and the baby, and they often compare the baby bumps with other would-be moms. Counselling will trigger positive body image in them and eliminate all negative thoughts and behaviours.

Stress Due to Expectations

Women face a lot of pressures to fulfil all the norms manifested with becoming a mother. She is expected to follow them as soon as the news breaks. You will be constantly under surveillance and will be told about the right and wrong. Counselling will help you deal with these pressures more effectively. Best Gynecologist in Pune

Facing Depression and Anxiety

It is really normal to have worries but during pregnancy, if the issues are getting bigger day by day then you should seek help. Depression and anxiety during pregnancy are strong indicators of postpartum depression, preterm birth, and emotional problems. Counselling will screen these issues thoroughly can provide an optimistic and long term solution. It is mainly concerned with lifestyle changes, guidance, and ways to support your thoughts.


If any unexpected and unusual situation occurs then it can lead to fatal circumstances and affect the mental health of the mother. Many pregnant women face trauma, nightmares, flashbacks, and lack of trust. Counselling will examine the precise trigger behind this condition and will provide a solution that would help you relsolve your issues.

Approaches in Prenatal Counselling

There are two major approaches – sessions with the therapist and medications. It is usually recommended to take up therapy sessions and medications parallelly for best results. Best Gynecologist in Pune

Prescribed Medication

Your therapist will prescribe your medications according to your physical and mental health. Some medicines can cause complications in your pregnancy so it is suggested that you talk to your doctor before consuming them.

Talking to the Therapist

Talking to a counselling one-on-one is one of the best ways to manage mental health problems. You can discuss your problems and find practical as well as relevant solutions to your issues. Infertility Treatment in Wanowrie Pune


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