Infertility Treatment for Women Suffering from PCOS

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February 28, 2020
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May 4, 2020

Infertility Treatment for Women Suffering from PCOS

Infertility treatment in Wanowrie | Dr. Vaishali Chavan

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine condition these days. It is usually faced by women who are of reproductive age which leads to a lot of difficulties in conceiving. Women with these conditions have multiple small cysts on the ovaries. The three prime signs of PCOS viz. Irregular periods, acne and abnormal hair growth on face, back as well as stomach.
There are some health risks that can be triggered due to PCOS like less insulin resistance, Hyperlipidemia, or elevated cholesterol, endometrial (uterine) cancer and ovarian torsion (twisted ovary).
There is a myth that women with PCOS cannot get pregnant. This is not entirely true as there are many medical treatments that help you conceive.

Symptoms of PCOS
The symptoms of PCOS are first seen when a woman enters the reproductive age and it may fluctuate over time.
Appearance of skin tags
Hair loss and thinning hair
Witnessing darkening of the skin and acne
Weight Gain or bloating
Presence Ovarian cysts
Irregular menstrual cycles and flow

Effects on Fertility
Women with PCOS face difficulty in getting pregnant as its primary cause is ovulation problems. There are multiple reasons behind ovulation issues such as an increase in testosterone production, immature follicles on the ovaries, and imbalance in hormones. All these reasons affect ovulation as well as menstruation.

Monitoring Ovulations
There are days in menstrual cycles that have the highest chances of getting pregnant, this is when ovulation occurs. It creates a ’fertile window’ and has an opportunity to conceive. To increase the chances you should align your intercourse with ovulation.
These are the signs of ovulation
The mucus is sticky
Abdominal pain
Tender breasts
Mood swings
Abdominal bloating

Treatments for Infertility Due to PCOS
Surgery to Enhance Fertility
The ovarian drilling, a surgery that is performed by laparoscope is used to increases the chances of ovulation. The procedures involve silting abdomen under a general anaesthesia and then holes are drilled on the ovaries. Further tissues producing unnecessary amounts of androgens are removed. The ovulation is said to retrieve within 6-12 months of the surgery. If you are looking for a mid-wife to help manage and treat your infertility due to PCOS then contact Dr Vaishali Chavan. She runs the best gynaecology clinic in Pune. Along with infertility she also handles cases like high-risk pregnancy, childbirth, gynaecological complications, menopausal symptoms and adolescent healthcare.

This medication is ideally consumed by people who are diabetic to increase insulin resistance. It is recommended to the women facing PCOS as it helps women to lose weight, regularize the period cycle, enhance the effectivity of fertility drugs, and decrease the chances of miscarriage.

The most common fertility drug consumed to treat PCOS, because it has recorded the highest success rate. It raises the possibilities of an ovary to release the egg. However, it is not 100% effective and some women may face Clomid resistance; for some the medicine might work with another fertility drug.

The medicine actually cures cancer, but it is given to women with PCOS because it has high power than Clomid and has significant chances of eliminating infertility.

It is an injectable that is made of hormones FSH, LH and usually clubbed with an oral dose. It is prescribed when your body does not react to Clomid and letrozole. This dose is also given during intrauterine insemination procedure in which semen is directly placed into the uterus via a catheter.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or In Vitro Maturation (IVM)
These doses are also injected to stimulate the number of eggs matured by the ovaries. Then the eggs are retrieved and placed with sperm into Petri dishes where the fertilization starts. After three to five days one or two are transferred into the uterus. In IVM, instead of maturing the eggs, immature ones are retrieved and then the same procedure as IVF is followed.

All women suffering from PCOS are under extreme stress and depression during this period need a reliable expert to help you to cope up with the situation. Contacting Dr Vaishali Chavan will be a wise decision as she ensures to provide excellent, affordable and quality healthcare to women of all ages that have issues regarding obstetrics, gynaecology, and fertility.